Shah Rukh Khan covers his face with his hoodie as paparazzi approach him, video goes VIRAL


Shah Rukh Khan seems reluctant to reveal his current look. Paparazzi were waiting for Shah Rukh outside a building in Mumbai on Saturday. As the actor exited the building, he wore an oversized black sweatshirt to hide his identity.

In videos uploaded to Instagram by the paparazzi accounts, Shah Rukh’s face is barely visible as he rushes out of the building and into his car. In his car, he was also sitting behind the passenger seat, away from the cameras.

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On the other hand, his son Aryan Khan was pictured entering a restaurant the same night. He was dressed in a green T-shirt and denim pants, with a faded black jacket on top. He too refused to pose for the cameras.

Watch the video here-

Since the “Zero” of 2018, Rukh has not officially revealed a project. With Pathan, however, the actor is set to make a comeback. The film Yash Raj, directed by Siddharth Anand, also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

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Shah Rukh was also pictured in Pune earlier this month. He is said to have shot a new film with Tamil director Atlee. Fan accounts tweeted photos of the actor taken at a city subway station. Shah Rukh’s fan clubs also tweeted photos of him posing with Pune metro staff.

He’s been promoting his digital debut for quite some time now. While Shah Rukh seems preoccupied with his career, Aryan also graduated this year. Aryan was spotted at a graduation ceremony at the University of Southern California in May. He graduated from the School of Film Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Arts, Film and Television Production. Shah Rukh has previously stated that Aryan has no plans to pursue an acting career. He is nonetheless interested in pursuing a career in cinema.

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