Shraddha Walkar murder: Suitcase with body parts found, Aaftab Poonawala undergoes mental test


Shraddha Walkar case: Aaftab Poonawala had sex with another woman in the flat (File)

Police suspect that the remains of a woman found in Faridabad on Thursday may belong to Shraddha Walkar, who was allegedly killed by Aaftab Poonawala. The police found the suitcase in the forest area of ​​Surajkund. The body parts were packed in a plastic bag and a bag. Clothes and belts were also found. The police suspect that the body was dumped there, but that the person was killed elsewhere. The entire exercise was conducted to avoid detection and identification of the body.

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Delhi Police have reached Faridabad and are taking details of the case. The briefcase and body parts appear to have been dumped at the site months ago. However, it is not clear whether the deceased is a woman or a man. They are waiting for the person’s autopsy.

Meanwhile, Aaftab Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, has been subjected to what is called the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT). PAT is a psychological analysis test. This test analyzes a person’s mental balance and thought process. Poonwala allegedly strangled the person in a fit of rage and then chopped her body into 35 pieces. He then stored these parts in a refrigerator and threw them away one by one.

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He lived with the corpse in his refrigerator amid the stench. He then wiped the entire flat with chemicals to wipe out traces of blood. He also had sex with another woman when the body was present in the home.

He told the police that he applied makeup on Shraddha’s severed head. In prison, he appears normal and often smiles when questioned about the murder.

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He told police he studied human anatomy before cutting off the body.

He was also fired from Gurgaon company for bad behavior towards women.

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He kept tricking Shraddha’s friends while chatting with them on Instagram and impersonating her.

He even called a mutual friend in September and asked him to tell Shraddha to contact him. This was months after she died.



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