Sorry Zach Shallcross is not my bachelor


It’s not that he didn’t deserve it. As bizarre and completely unpredictable as the bachelorette Season 19 may have been for our main characters, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, at least one contestant kept things consistent: Each week, contestant Zach Shallcross turned in a consistent and convincing case for himself as the next bachelor. He said the right things, burst into tears at the right times, and most of all acted like a man who was there. for the right reasons.

So why are so many fans (this one included) rolling their eyes at the idea of ​​spending a full season with Zach now that he’s been announced as the show’s lead man for next year? That could be because fans liked another option better.

His name is Ethan Kang, and he should have been the bachelor. He is a 27-year-old advertising executive from New York. He has a winning smile and a heartbreakingly sweet disposition, and he looks like the hottest GAP model you’ve ever seen. And he came up with a new classic insult when he called Tino (the season’s eventual winner and loser) “a real baby-back bitch” for throwing a tantrum during a group date.

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In addition, Ethan could have been the first Asian-American bachelor in franchise history. If the seasons of Matt James and Rachel seem to indicate Lindsay as the first Black Bachelor and Bachelorette, it can be more than a little hard to be the “first” all in Bachelor Nation. Still, for some fans, Ethan’s roster could have represented another step forward for the flagship franchise.

Ethan competed for Rachel’s heart during the recently ended double season and went home on Week 6. In years past, that may have been too early to contemplate, but in a post-Colton Underwood and Clayton Echard and Katie Thurston world, the prospect was felt. less weak. For a while, it seemed like there was a real movement behind Ethan for Bachelor. In the end, they went with Zach – and host Jesse Palmer rubbed it in our faces with the bizarre comment that in the end “the bachelor doesn’t look like me for once!” (Uh…)

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Rachel seemed in love with Zach all season, but he eliminated himself after a train wreck of a date in a fantasy suite in which the bachelorette seemed to question his commitment due to his age. Apparently Rachel (26) was very concerned that the account manager (25) might not be ready. As Zach later told People“I don’t think there’s an age limit when you decide to fall in love and get married. When you’re ready and you feel well rested with yourself – you love yourself, you trust yourself and you want to share that with someone else – no matter how old you are.”

Still, Zach’s roster has been about as warmly received as Clayton Echard’s a season earlier, meaning fans don’t seem to be digging it at all. The most important review? Zach just seems too uninteresting to be the bachelor – even if his family ties to Patrick Warburton guarantee another Kronk cameo next season.

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Again, this is nothing against Zach – I mean, he seems good enough, and he gave off some serious puppy-dog crush vibes this season. But how will he be fundamentally different from a Clayton, or a Colton, or any of the other Jesse Palmer lookalikes we’ve already seen? Zach may seem like a bad guy, but like so many before him – *cough* Peter Weber *cough* – it’s hard to understand why producers felt it necessary to anoint him above all other possible candidates.

Was it the dimples? Did Ethan just not want the job because he was too busy advertising and/or performing? Is Ethan currently closing a deal with Netflix for his own dating show? (And if so, can I speak to a casting director?) Bachelor education viewer, I will not try to pretend that this decision is the one that will break my camel’s back. But pretending to be invested in a leading man so boring? That’s a line I, and much of Bachelor Nation it seems, will never cross.



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