“Suhail” heralds a decrease in temperature in the Emirates, August 24


Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Astronomy Society, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, expected the rise of the Suhail star and be seen over the southeastern horizon in the Emirates and central Arabia, starting from the dawn of August 24.
Al-Jarwan stated that the emergence of the Suhail star coincides with mild weather and low temperatures, and the Indian seasonal depression begins to weaken and retreat in the south, and the “Al-Kos” winds, which are southeasterly winds of high humidity, work to form low clouds along the eastern slopes of the Hajar Mountains in Oman. And the Emirates, it may be accompanied by drizzle.
Active winds called “Habayeb Sohail” are also blowing, which work to soften the atmosphere, and activate the “Rawaih” or “summer fragrances”, which affect the areas around the Hajar Mountains in the UAE and Oman, and affect the central mountainous areas in the Emirates from the city of Al Dhaid to the city of Al Ain. , causing local storms and strong downward winds accompanied by cumulus clouds and heavy thunderstorms.
Al-Jarwan pointed out that during the period extending from the rise of “Suhail” until the autumnal equinox on September 23, the heat saturated with moisture intensifies, and the Arabs called this “Akkah” and the most famous of which is “Akat Suhail” and it is also called among farmers in the Gulf “Harrat Al-Dibs” where The molasses is liquefied from the dates, as it is called “Harrat Al-Masataih”, and “Al-Mastah” is the place where the wet is dried to become dates. During the same period, “Habayeb Sohail” begins to blow, which is an active humid wind that works to reduce high temperatures and cool the atmosphere.
Al-Jarwan drew attention to the people of the Arabian Peninsula, since ancient times, in looking at the stars, looking at them, and knowing their homes, as they are linked to their daily lives at night and in the day. And when they sow in preparation for the rain, the people of the land know the seasons of grazing and travel, and the people of the sea know the seasons of sea fishing and travel.
He mentioned that the star of Suhail, whose rise the Arabs are rejoicing with clear heat and intense heat and the arrival of spring and rain, is considered one of the most famous stars among the Arabs and the most mentioned in their literature, and “Suhail” among the Arabs is “Al-Bashir Al-Yemeni”, and they have several names, they call it the star of Yemen. They also call him Suhail al-Yamani, and the reason for his affiliation with Yemen is that it rises from the south and appears opposite the North Pole Star, as it points to the south.
He pointed out that the Suhail star was known to the Arabs since ancient times, and had a presence in their poems and examples, as it was considered part of their climatic and astronomical awareness, as they calculated through it, the date of the break in the severity of the heat and the change of climate towards moderation.
Sohail is considered a bright star of the first magnitude, “where the visible stars are divided into six magnitudes, the clearest of which are the stars of the first magnitude and the faintest of the sixth magnitude.” southward.
Because of its location in the far south, it is not possible to see it in countries that exceed the latitude “38” degrees north, and its maximum height in the Emirates is about 13 degrees from the southern horizon, and its appearance continues until the end of winter in the Arabian Peninsula.
In view of the location of the Arabian Peninsula at the borders of 12.5 degrees north, south of Yemen, to 30 degrees north, at Iraq, and the Emirates are located on a latitude of 25 degrees north on average, and based on astronomical calculations, the time of its rise is associated with the time of sunrise in the Emirates on 11 / August 12, i.e. it is tangent to the southeast horizon at that time, and cannot be seen on or before this date, then it advances from the sun until it reaches a height of 5 degrees above the southern horizon at sunrise “and the least distance from the sun for the visible star, and that is on August 24 Where it is possible to monitor it in the rest of the Emirates and central Arabia, and after this time it is visible at morning twilight and rises before sunrise for a period of not less than 25 minutes, at the ideal monitoring atmosphere.
Al-Harwan pointed out that it was not proven in the Emirates that the star Suhail was seen before August 20, but rather they link the Suhail season and the beginning of the Suhaili year or the tenth period with some changes in the atmosphere and natural changes in the local environment, which occur during the second half of August, coinciding with the time of Suhail’s rise It is not related to the actual vision of the star.

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He mentioned that with the rise of the “Suhail Star”, the calendar for the people of the Gulf, known as “Al-Dur”, begins, and this calendar simply divides the year into four sections, each of which is a hundred days, the “hundred of zero” or autumn, “hundred of winter”, and “hundred of summer.” Or spring, and then “Qidd” which is the time of intense heat. It has 65 days in which the year is complete, and every ten days of it is called “Dur”.
And this calendar begins between August 10 to 20, according to the people of the reckoning, and some of them make its beginning with touching the weather and natural changes, and it is a slight difference, which does not reduce the effectiveness of the calendar and its conformity with the state of the air, the sea and the dates of planting and harvesting.
Coinciding with the emergence of the Sohail star, sea temperatures drop, as most of the fish return in large quantities to approach the coasts after the mild weather, and they had moved away during the summer, fleeing to the cold depths away from the high temperatures. The summer season, due to the high temperatures, which leads to the recovery of fish markets in various regions of the country.

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