Suspect killed, Philadelphia cop injured after traffic stop turns into gun battle in Logan


PHILADELPHIA (TUSEN) – A traffic stop in the Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia turned into a deadly shootout between police and a 24-year-old man on Wednesday night. Police said a police officer was injured and the gunman was killed in the incident in the 1500 block of West Somerville Avenue at around 6:45 p.m.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said the incident started as a traffic stop. Officers managed to stop the car, which had three people inside. Officers held their three driver’s licenses, and two of the licenses returned with arrest warrants.

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Police said that was when they called in for backup. When officers approached the vehicle for the second time, that was when police said that one of the people inside got out and started shooting at the officers.

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The shooter died of his injuries. An officer was injured in the shooting. He is in stable condition at this time.

“I just saw a lot of cops running and driving down the street from different directions,” said a neighbor.

It was a chaotic scene on the 1500 block of West Somerville Avenue in the Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Police said squad cars were responding to a shootout involving a policeman that began with a traffic stop around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

“The first two officers approached the vehicle from the passenger side at the rear of the vehicle. They saw a man leaning back, and he quickly pulled out a gun and fired at least one bullet at the officers from inside the vehicle, ”Sgt. Said Eric Gripp.

Police said at least five officers were at the scene to stop traffic.

When the officers backed up, that was when the police said the gunman got out of the car and fired at least one more shot.

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“At that point, five officers who were outside the vehicle fired the man several times,” Gripp said. “He was hit several times in the chest.”

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The 24-year-old man who allegedly shot at police was rushed to Einstein Medical Center by officers, where he was pronounced dead.

Local residents say they heard the bullets ringing.

“I heard gunshots. Like four on one side, then like three, and maybe four more, ”said a neighbor. “By the time I got to the gate, an ATV was going in that direction, the police cars were going in that direction.

A police officer was shot in the left foot during the incident. He is expected to be well.

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“We have sworn to keep an oath and to protect our communities, to protect each other and to protect each other, and I’m glad our officers did this without hesitation,” Outlaw said.

But gun violence continues to rage in the City of Brotherly Love and Sister Affection.

“This just speaks again of the level of gun violence that continues to plague our city,” Gripp said.

Gripp said the police carried body cameras.

Outlaw is in the hospital with the injured officer and his family.

Police have yet to identify the deceased man.

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Kimberly Davis of CBS3 contributed to this report.



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