‘Synthetik 2’ confirmed: beloved, Brutal Rogue-Lite gets a makeover


If you are a punishment hungry, now is the time to add a new game to your Steam wishlist. German developer Flow Fire Games revealed it’s finally growing Synthetik 2, the sequel to his incredibly brutal, rogue-lite debut, a ridiculously underrated gem with an incredibly devoted cult.

While many people have only realized Synthetik through the rough but superb Ultimate porting the game to Xbox One and Switch at the end of 2020, it enjoyed two years of Steam exclusivity, where it garnered “overwhelmingly positive” reviews.

Building on the shameless’ 80s and violent vibes of its predecessor, Synthetik 2 is only confirmed for PC at the moment, but Flow Fire is going out of its way to meet the high expectations of its main fan base – delivering a whole new look in the process, confirmed by its extremely short trailer.

Synthetik 2 promises refined gameplay, a renewed emphasis on online co-op, as well as modding support for its community. With its redesigned graphics and push towards true 3D, the game also aims to raise the bar with its unique approach to the shooter, deploying a whole new technological framework and a “set of universe rules”.

Although the story still seems fairly straightforward, you are still an android fighting evil robots in a Host: Second Renaissance world – Flow Fire promises to do Synthetik 2 less linear by introducing multiple factions, benefiting from distinct forces, technologies and arsenals. To combat these new threats, players will receive an expanded range of character classes, weapons, mods, and items.

Along with its intriguing move to isometric 3D, Synthetik 2 promises a wholesale upgrade and expansion in its early days, including:

  • Four-player online cooperation with dedicated servers, playing in the game more focused on team tactical coordination;
  • Improved modding capabilities, unlocking game technology for each player;
  • A new progression system which, combined with random environments, aims to offer “almost infinite replay value”;
  • Refinements for Synthetikthe unique and (un) famous weapon handling mechanics; and
  • Wider development of the “Synthetik universe”, through which Flow Fire seeks to develop the lore and intrigue behind machine gods, technology and the dystopian world in general.

Synthetik 2 arrives on Early Access this summer, when Flow Fire Games hopes to work with the community to balance and refine the game before a full release. Hopefully this will come back to consoles. Add it here.



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