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New small businesses are popping up across the country every day, and many of these new businesses are started by women. Women start businesses that do everything from accounting and bookkeeping to dog walking and freelance graphic design.

The options can seem endless, and it can be difficult to decide which small business idea you find most interesting or that you want to start on your own. The good news is, if you’re planning to start a business, you’re not going it alone. From 2017 to 2018, approximately 1,800 new businesses were started by women every day, according to American Express’s 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report.

Some people start their businesses for a little more money on top of their regular income, while others start them with the intention that the business be their full-time job and their only source of income. Before starting your business there are a number of things to consider such as what you are looking for and what your existing skills are. Here we’ll walk you through what you need to consider before deciding to start your own business, and how to choose one that’s right for you.

How to choose a business idea

You may be asking yourself, “Am I ready to become an entrepreneur and start my own business?” It’s a legitimate concern, and making the decision to start your business can be intimidating and frightening. But planning your business will help you feel more confident in your decision. Once you have decided on the type of business you want to start and have taken the first steps to formally start your business, you will feel a little more confident.

The first step in building your business is finding the perfect business idea for you. Choosing something that you are passionate about and taking into account the skills and resources you already have can help.

You can consider a number of businesses such as personal service providers, animal care, educational services, marketing and self-employment, technology services, travel services, and more.

Below, we’ve listed 50 of the best small business ideas for women.

The 50 best business ideas for women

Marketing and sales business ideas for women

There are a number of companies that fall into this category and you may already have experience with some of them. If you have one, it can work to your advantage and make you a more in demand freelance writer in this field.

Much of the work listed below can be done as a freelance, giving you more flexibility in your working life. You can diversify your clients if you want, or work as much or as little as you want, at your own pace. Companies specializing in some of these services are ideal for working from home or on your own schedule.

  1. Public relations consultancy

  2. SEO advice and strategy

Personal Service Business Ideas For Women

There are different types of work which all fall under the category of personal services for business. There is a demand for almost any job that people need to do, from helping to prepare their children for the SAT or having the dog groomed. This means that there are also a lot of business opportunities and needs to be filled using your new business.

Some of the businesses below are seasonal, which makes them ideal if you’re looking for a little extra cash but not a full-time job at your new business.

Educational services

  1. Advice on college applications

Animal care

Home services and repair

  1. Lawn and garden maintenance and planning


  1. Personal physical training

Business support ideas for women

Businesses may always need a little extra help and it may be your business’s job to help them. Bookkeeping and accounting are just two of the heavy tasks that some businesses need help with and you can provide that extra support.

But there are many other things you can do for your business as well. Business support services are something that businesses need more and find useful.

Creative services and goods trading ideas for women

If you’re crafty or artistic, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about how you could turn this skill into extra cash, or maybe even an entire business. There are a number of ways you can do this, starting an online store or opening your own physical store are just two of many.

Online stores like Etsy make it easy for you to turn your craft hobby into an additional income stream. Other hobbies like baking can also be turned into your own business, maybe it starts with baking a cake for a birthday or birthday party, but this business could quickly grow. Some other creative services and products that can turn into a business are listed below.

Online e-commerce platforms are created specifically to help you list your business and products online. Some of the more popular include Shopify and Squarespace. If you are looking for something simpler, you can also try selling on Facebook using Facebook Business Pages as an online store.

  1. Owner of an antique or thrift store

  2. Travel counselor / Travel agency

Technology business ideas for women

Just like with marketing and creative freelancing and consulting, the tech world offers plenty of opportunities for people looking to freelance and do contract work. There are plenty of opportunities to work on short and long term tech projects and, like with marketing, to work on your own schedule.

  1. Freelance Website Design

  2. Web Securities Specialist

Are there other options?

While the 50 companies listed above are some of the best business options for women looking to start a new business, the options are not limited to those listed. Everything is really an option for a woman looking to start a new business.

Some of those listed above are easy to do remotely or at home, with little start-up funding and they can be done on a personalized schedule. This makes them ideal if you are looking to start a brand new business with little experience and want to be in control of your own schedule.

What to consider before starting your own business

Even if you feel ready to start your own business, there are still so many factors to consider when choosing the type of small business you want to start. You might not know where to start, so here are some of the top considerations to take into account before choosing any of the companies that we’ll list later.

  • Will this be your main source of income, or in addition to the income you are already earning?

  • What will the business start-up costs be? How much do you need to invest in the business right now, will you need additional financing and, if so, where will it come from?

  • How much time do you want to spend on your business? This concerns the first one, is it your main work or a side concert?

  • Do you want to use the skills you already have and monetize them? Or would you like to acquire new skills entirely for this new business?

Once you’ve thought about what to look for in your new business, you can begin to consider what type of work you would like your business to do. Keep in mind that your small business might just be you as the sole proprietor, it doesn’t necessarily require you to work there more than one person.

What advice do other women entrepreneurs have?

No matter what business you choose, you can use the wisdom of other people who have gone down the same path as you before with their own businesses. Advice from other female entrepreneurs can help you avoid making the mistakes that others have made before you.

Other entrepreneurs have stressed the importance of taking the time to rest and relax, learn from mistakes, regain confidence and more. Articles on women entrepreneurs and businesswomen can be helpful, but there are other business resources specifically aimed at women as well.

There are development programs, forums, networking sites and more are also available for women online and in communities. Online business women’s groups on LinkedIn and Facebook can be extremely useful for women looking to start a business. Look for groups related to women in business or the type of business you want to participate in to find a forum that you might find helpful.



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