The Best Durable Baby Registry Must-Haves


Building baby registries can quickly turn into a rabbit hole of research, recommendations and comparing these competing lists with each other. The endless options for carriers and strollers and sheets and towels may become a little easier to work through if you focus on sustainable sourcing where possible. And while what a parent ultimately needs and uses is ultimately determined by baby’s preference, we spoke to one of the contributors at the go-to Babylist registry platform to share their thoughts on the best, most sustainable choices for 2022. Here are some of the best sustainable alternatives to some classic registry picks.

Silver Cross Reef and Dune Strollers

Strollers and sustainability don’t really go hand in hand until now. Lots of plastic parts and technical fabrics make it a challenge to find an option that performs well, withstands the wear and tear of babies and toddlers, and looks great while being made to last. Silver Cross has released a new version of its Reef and Dune strollers this year that are made from recycled plastic bottles and in a very trendy variety of colorways ranging from a chic taupe called Earth to a sophisticated navy blue called Neptune. Silver Cross CEO and father Nick Paxton says: “I wish the Reef and Dune strollers were ready for my first one because they are super chic and super easy to use. I love the colors and the fabrics and the fact that they are made from recycled yarn made with recycled plastic bottles, it is a must-have for any environmentally conscious parent who wants a stroller that is as fashion-oriented as they are.”

free style

Babylist editor-in-chief, Karen Reardanz, recognizes the pressure parents feel to make the most sustainable choice possible, while remaining practical. She says: “Many people feel obliged to use cloth nappies to be sustainable, but that becomes difficult because of childcare or going back to work. There are newer, more sustainable solutions between reusable nappies and traditional disposable options.” Brands like Freestyle do not contain chlorine or other toxic substances present in supermarket brands. These more durable nappies are also designed with style-conscious parents in mind. According to Freestyle co-founder Mike Constantiner, “When I had my son, it became abundantly clear that diaper brands were stuck in a weird 20th-century version of who parents were and what they cared about (or worse, not done care for. Childish designs, toxic and environmentally unfriendly materials were the norm. I wanted something that represented me and my friends. So I made Freestyle. The most eco-friendly nappies, free of toxic materials, with designs that put a much-needed smile on my face at the changing table.”


Babylist’s Reardanz says that when we look at clothing, sleepwear and swaddles, “We see a lot of interest in soft products made from organic bamboo and organic cotton.” For parents looking for an independent brand that is very thoughtful in their purchasing, ergoPouch is an option that makes fabrics from cotton and wool. Wool in particular is favored for sustainably made and temperature-regulating, sustainable natural fabrics. Alina Sack, founder, mother and director of ergoPouch: “Fourteen years ago I wanted to develop a more sustainable sleeping bag. I used alpaca wool from a local wool mill in Australia, made the first sample and my son finally slept better. Shortly after, we started producing an organic cotton version made by a small niche factory specializing in organic products. Our bags are doubly sustainable because they can be passed on thanks to our superior quality.”

Little sleepers

A bamboo option for super soft, extra cute swaddles, pyjamas and rompers comes from Little Sleepies. Designed to be comfortable in any climate or season, the brand’s proprietary Lunaluxe fabric offers optimal ventilation and moisture absorption and is quick-drying. Why bamboo? According to Little Sleepies, because the tree grows so quickly, cultivation requires no pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. It also regenerates without replanting, making it a renewable resource.

Canopy Humidifiers

Humidifiers are a registry item that may not be as obvious as a stroller or recliner for expectant parents, but many new parents swear by it for a nursery to keep baby’s sinuses healthy and skin happy. Canopy’s president (and legendary investor in the lifestyle space) Alli Webb says, “We’re on a mission to provide redesigned, durable home appliances. In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, Canopy’s packaging is 100% And by using high-quality materials that are built to last, we saved more than 50,000 humidifiers last year from going to landfill.”

Newton crib mattress

According to Babylist’s Reardanz, “Mattresses are one of the most confusing purchases for many first-time parents.” She recommends the Newton crib mattress as a latex, spring, and foam-free option that is now available waterproof. Newtown founder, CEO and father Michael Rothbard shares the following: “After experiencing all the sleep problems that come with becoming a new father, I founded Newton Baby to address the needs of parents and their little ones to better I realized that the conventional approach to crib mattresses was outdated, so I focused on developing a better solution, and this effort led to the Wovenaire crib mattress.”

Snuggle Me Baby Lounger

Babylist’s Reardanz cites Snuggle Me as her choice for a more sustainable lounger. The lounger shell is made of 100% organic cotton, which is breathable and non-toxic, and is suitable for babies from 0-9 months. Mia Carr is the founder of the brand, sharing: “It comforts the baby and gives parents a sense of security knowing their baby is close and content. We created the Snuggle Me 15 years ago after we had twins. juggling babies and toddlers alike, we realized how important it is for new parents to have the support of an extra pair of arms.”

Dabble & Dollop: Babies Dabble Ducky Essentials Set

A new line for baby skin care, designed by a founder with over 25 years of experience in the production of natural ingredients. Dabble & Dollop’s Dabble Ducky baby products range from foaming baby wash and moisturizing baby balm to wipes and a bath toy. Founder Stephanie Leshney shares that: “As a natural ingredient expert and mother of three, I didn’t want my babies to ingest products that contain dozens of ingredients and potential allergens. All-natural baby brands tend to eliminate synthetic fragrances, but don’t aromatic essential oils and extracts in their formulas With over 150 phytochemicals in every essential oil and extract, responsibly made and of the highest possible quality here in the USA Dabble Ducky by Dabble & Dollop is the only brand on the market with Beta-Baby, a patented beta-glucan clinically proven to hydrate, moisturize and help protect the delicate skin barrier, which is 20-30% thinner at birth.”



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