The border security force works closely with the state police: Senior official


The Border Security Force has been given a new set of powers near border areas. (Representative)

New Delhi:

Referring to the additional powers given to central paramilitary forces deployed near the international border (IB), the Border Security Force (BSF) said on Thursday that changes had been made to their areas of operation to establish uniformity and that they always worked in close coordination with the state police.

Speaking to ANI, senior border security force official Solomon Minz said border security is part of internal security and they are sensitive to it. The idea behind the expansion of operational areas is to fight against all kinds of cross-border crimes.

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The amendment was made on October 11 to establish uniformity in the definition of the area in which the Border Security Force can operate in accordance with its charter of functions and the performance of its guard role and task. -frontier in its areas of deployment, said Minz.

The Inspector General of Border Security Forces added that this will also improve operational efficiency in combating cross-border crime within a 50 km stretch of the international border in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal and Assam, along the borders. from India.

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Previously, the limit was set at 80 km in the case of Gujarat and 15 km in the case of Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal and Assam.

“We always work in close coordination with the state police. We have monthly meetings with the state police and we have a border security grid system to further strengthen border security and better coordination,” he said. Mr Minz said.

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Punjab’s congressional government has opposed increasing the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) in the country’s international border areas. Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) also opposed it. The two sides called on the Center to withdraw this decision, calling it an attack on the federal structure.



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