The Museum of London gives an artistic vision of Brexit six years after the departure vote


His work, titled Putin’s Happy, was filmed in and around Parliament Square between January and March 2019 as negotiations to leave the EU continued and includes conversations with onlookers and activists on both sides.

Deller, whose previous work includes the living World War I memorial We Are Here Because We Are Here, which saw hundreds of volunteers dressed as soldiers appear in public places across the country to mark the 100e anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, said the period he was filming was “the worst of times”.

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A still from Jeremy Deller’s film Putin’s Happy which was purchased by the Museum of London

/ Jeremy Deller/Museum of London

He said: “The streets of London around Parliament Square for so many days in 2019 became a living painting of Hogarth. There was a constant cast of characters acting out all the meanness and paranoia on social media. It would be funny if it was satire but unfortunately it was the reality.

The Brexit referendum on June 23, 2016 was a sorry narrow victory for supporters of the EU exit campaign.

The film is another addition to the museum’s collection of contemporary art that will be able to be shown much more often when it moves to its new state-of-the-art home in West Smithfield in 2025.

Francis Marshall, its senior art curator, said: ‘Putin’s Happy offers a snapshot of the fractured debates that erupted following the 2016 referendum, shining a light on the nation’s relationship with the EU, Westminster and it -same.

“Six years on from the referendum, we can interpret the film for its immediate relevance to our lives today, but also as part of a longer historical view of London as a center of national debate and engagement. creative and artistic.

“It will be in the collection of the Museum of London, alongside the Women’s Suffrage Collection, Trump’s Baby Airship and Brian Haw’s Peace Camp.



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