The Oscars have already robbed us of the best moment of the ceremony


There are always things to complain about with the Oscar nominations, especially for us sour-punching film critics. However, my vote for the biggest travesty of the year was already in before the nominees were announced: the best original song of 2022 was rejected.

“Nobody Like U”, the perfect boy band from Earworm To blush, failed to make the Academy shortlist this year. Despite being one of the standout moments of one of the most notable films of 2022, the 4*TOWN opus was deemed not up to Oscars caliber.

Still, “Nobody But U” comes out with Oscar’s bonafides, which makes this even more curious. Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish, who won the Best Original Song award in 2022, co-wrote every 4*TOWN song. Finneas also contributed vocals for a member of the fictional boy band, who To blush heroine Mei crawls throughout the film.

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The result of the collaboration between Pixar and the O’Connell siblings is a set of sneaky, surprisingly complex pop songs worthy of the Billboard charts. “Nobody But U” is the obvious highlight: excellent production that matches the usual fare mixes of the Grammy winners with clever lyrics, a great bridge break, and a melody that hasn’t left my head in nearly a year.

But 4*TOWN, though fictitious (but consisting of five perfectly combined vocalists), doesn’t just own an incredible song. The diverse quintet, whose name is hilariously a misnomer, have proven to be an incredible act live as well. And with the Oscars ceremony always needing a jovial pick-me-up that doesn’t also cringe, it’s criminal not to give the guys a chance to perform on this stage IRL.

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Just check out this rendition of two 4*TOWN songs, from some of the original singers and a few pinch hitters. They appeared in December at the annual Unforgettable Gala, which honors the best of AAPI cinema.

Tell me this wouldn’t have brought down the house at the Oscars; I dare you. Look To blush co-star Sandra Oh, Rock Out Front!

As happy as I am with “Naatu Naatu” and “This Is a Life”, two perfect songs in their own right, I can’t shake the feeling that the ceremony could be even better if the 4*TOWN boys would can shake tire butts on stage too. So if we don’t at least get the stars of it RRR by fully performing the unmistakable “Naatu Naatu” dance on March 12, I will officially revolt.

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