The rise of “compassion fatigue” threatens to push healthcare workers away from palliative care


To retain healthcare workers despite the stress at work, healthcare facilities must support their staff and ensure their well-being.

This includes being listened to and cared for, and giving them enough time during their work to rest and restore their energy levels.

“To provide a great workplace is about working together…and realizing that it’s not about KPIs (key performance indexes), it’s not about the quantity of care. It’s about the quality of care,’ he says.

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If not addressed, staff may choose to leave the industry to look for opportunities elsewhere.

“The consequences are that people leave their jobs,” says Mrs. Groot-Alberts.

“And the other consequences are that when people are still working, they don’t have the energy and the drive to have those difficult conversations, to go to those difficult[and]uncomfortable places, to cope with the grieving. live,” she said.

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She added that it’s not because they choose not to care, but that they simply don’t have enough energy to process and pay attention to the “big emotional feelings”.



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