This Week in XR: Niantic’s $ 300 Million Raise, Note NFTs, Dent Reality Lands VC Bux


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. As Jon Stewart said, “let’s take the neighbors over for dinner, kill them and take their land.”

The big news this week is the Niantic surge and the epic $ 9 billion valuation, but it’s also the week I finally get to know NFTs. At first I thought, why buy an NFT? Just go buy some crypto. There are many good opportunities for intrepid speculators with superficial knowledge to make dough. NFTs, in my opinion, were just digital baseball cards. Do you want cryptos? Invest in it. Do you want art? Invest. But this is a shameful simplification. Tony Mugavero, founder and CEO of Littlestar, now renamed Rad, made me clear in an interview I will publish shortly.

NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Stoner Cats, and Jenkins Yacht Valet are examples of a type of NFT that acts as a ticket for, membership and / or fractional ownership of digital content. NFTs are limited editions, so if others want to join the club, the value of your NFT membership increases. This way, an artist can sell a portion of their future royalties to fans and raise funds for the production, bypassing traditional custodians, like studios and record labels. We are no longer talking about digital art or video basketball dunks, we are talking about web 3.0. Imagine professional sports teams owned by NFT holders paying a premium to have a say in how the team is run.

Niantic Raises $ 300 Million at $ 9 Billion Valuation of the Coatue hedge fund. The creator of Pokemon Go recently unveiled its Lightship AR Development Kit (ASDK) which connects to popular game engines, allowing developers to use occlusion, real-time mapping, precise geolocation, content sharing real-time object recognition and scene understanding – a semantic understanding of the world, to make mobile AR content.

Dent Reality Raises $ 3.4 Million to Bring Step-by-Step AR Directions to Retail. The app helps shoppers find every item on their list using an AR mobile smartphone with real-time advice and information to optimize their experience.

Nreal Light smart glasses review. The Verge highlights what anyone interested in the first low-cost ($ 600) smart glasses (available exclusively through Verizon) should know. It is truly a first-time user device.

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Epic CEO Tim Sweeny says the Metaverse is a multibillion dollar opportunity. (Sohee Kim / Techcrunch)



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