Three Georgia prison guards charged with assault caught on video


Three employees of a Georgia sheriff’s office were arrested and charged after a video was released showing them beating a detained suspect.

Jarrett Hobbs, 41, was held Sept. 3 at the Camden County Jail, about two hours outside of Savannah, on a traffic violation and drug charges, the The US Express News reported.

Security footage released by Hobbs’ lawyer showed Hobbs standing alone in his cell when at least five guards entered. Three officers were seen punching Hobbs in the head before dragging him out and throwing him against a wall, where officers continued to punch him.

Mason Garrick, Braxton Massey and Ryan Biegel were “charged with battery of a prisoner and violating an oath of office,” the sheriff’s office said. All three were released on $10,000 bail, but were also terminated. At least two other officers face disciplinary action, the sheriff’s office said.

Harry Daniels, a Hobbs lawyer, said the beating of a black man by white cops was reminiscent of the “old pre-war, Jim Crow” era, the New York Times reported. Daniels also said that the charges against the officers were “just the first step towards justice … Convictions and jail terms are the last acts.”

Daniels obtained the security footage as part of an investigation into whether Hobbs violated the terms of a supervised release for a 2014 federal conviction. The video was then released last Monday.

Hobbs was initially said to have violated his probation during the Camden Prison incident. According to an October 20 judge’s warrant, a probation officer testified that Hobbs “punched a deputy in the face while punching another deputy in the side of the head. A deputy sheriff suffered a bruised eye and a broken hand as a result of the incident.”

After video footage was released, the alleged probation violations were dismissed.

Hobbs was released from Camden County Jail on September 30. He is currently incarcerated at the Guilford County Detention Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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