Tips cars and bikes should follow to reduce noise pollution


Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems cities have to deal with. Here’s what you can do to avoid noise pollution from personal vehicles.

Noise pollution is one of the most difficult problems of urban civilization. We have succeeded in inventing vehicles that transport us from one place to another, but this has a price. Fumes from vehicle exhaust, the burning of fossil fuels, and noise from various parts of the vehicle all contribute to pollution. Noise pollution from car horns and other traffic noise has a significant impact on our ears and on the biodiversity that surrounds us. To mitigate noise pollution levels, it is necessary to take the following measures:

  1. Choose quieter vehicles:

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Some vehicles are equipped with particularly noisy mufflers. People also sometimes remove mufflers. Such vehicles expose our ears to extremely loud noises. Continuous exposure to loud noises can damage our eardrums and impact our hearing. Therefore, it is essential to choose a vehicle that does not create too much noise when traveling. You can also choose to make some changes manually to make the vehicle even quieter.

  1. Choose quieter tires


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It is possible to decipher which tires would make less noise on the road by looking at some of their characteristics. When it comes to tires, the inner tube inside the tire is like a drum. When the tires are rolling, the space causes a low frequency hum. Quieter tires have the following characteristics:

  • Circumferential ribs which have straight grooves and better to reduce noise.
  • Various shapes of tread blocks that create a multi-pitch pattern.
  • Smaller blocks.
  • A reinforced shoulder to stabilize the tread blocks.
  • Small hash marks inside the grooves that help break up airflow.
  • Narrower tires are relatively quieter.
  • Softer but stronger material.

  1. Avoid honking


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Horns in bikes and cars have been added to improve vehicle safety. They are used to alert walkers that a vehicle is behind them. It is a supplement that should only be used when necessary. However, many people continue to honk without needing to. These insane horns add to the already loud traffic noise. Such noises can irritate drivers, annoy sensitive people, babies and the elderly.

  1. Turn off your vehicle’s engine at the signal


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Stopping your vehicle and turning off its engine saves both fuel and unnecessary noise from the vehicle’s engine. It also prevents you from honking and creating more noise. Therefore, whenever you stop at a signal that is going to be red for a long time, be sure to turn off your vehicle and wait patiently.


Noise pollution, like other forms of pollution, adds to the imbalance of nature. We all need to take mitigation actions as individuals to keep our planet healthy. Only then can we live a happy and healthy life.

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