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N Jagadeesan reacts after being fired in the TNPL season opener.©Twitter

The 2022 Tamil Nadu Premier League season has started on a dramatic note as the opener turned out to be a decided thriller in a Super Over. But there was also drama galore otherwise, with Baba Aparajith performing N Jagadeesan on the non-attacking end while running into the bowl and the opening hitter responding with a one-finger salute. In round four of the Chepauk Super Gillies chase against the Nellai Royal Kings, Jagadeesan was caught backing off by Baba Aparajith, who then ‘Mankad’ him. As a frustrated Jagadeesan walked back to the dugout, he turned back to the bowlers and raised his middle finger.

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But Jagadeesan was not done. After removing his gloves, he made the obscene gesture again.

Watch: N Jagadeesan gets Mankaded, responds with middle finger

Guardians of the cricket laws, Marylebone Cricket Club, recently reclassified the controversial, ‘foul play’ runout of Law 41 and incorporated it into Law 38 on lawful runouts.

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Jagadeesan had done 25 of 15 before his dismissal.

Earlier, the Nellai Royal Kings scored 184/4 on the back of Sanjay Yadav’s stunning 47-ball 87 and Laxmesha Suryaprakash’s 50-ball 62.

In response, Jagadeesan’s opening partner scored 64 of 42 but the team were still struggling.


However, S Harish Kumar hit two fours and a six in the final to level the scores and bring the match into the Super Over.

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Jagadeesan’s six on the final ball of their Super Over saw the Super Ghillies score 9 runs. But the Royal Kings chased him down in five deliveries to win the opener.

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