Today’s Wordle #518 Hints, Clues, and Answers for Saturday, November 19


Today I have a bone to pick with Wordle Bot. I won’t get to that in the non-spoiler section of this post, though. I just wanted to let you all know there is bone picking below, and I really mean that picked.

It’s another beautiful, cool, crisp winter’s day (despite it still being autumn). Today is Saturday and I’m looking forward to a weekend of walking and relaxing and maybe lifting a little weight. My kids have been sick with this ridiculous cold for ages, and I think we all have cabin fever. They have to go back to school as soon as possible. I like having a few hours to myself in a day, no matter how much I love it.

But a walk is a great way to spend time for yourself, and I live in the middle of a giant forest, so why not take advantage of it?

But before I can do that, let’s fix this Wordle. It’s not as hard as yesterday, but it’s still hard!

How to Solve Today’s Wordle (Spoilers!)

The clue: Do this with your eyes if you don’t want to see something but can’t close them for some reason.

The tip: This word begins with a vowel.

The answer:

Avert your eyes! If you don’t want to see the answer for today’s Wordle, that is.

I opened with trope—love me some tropics! — and it turned out to be a pretty good bet. Only 48 solutions remained and I had three yellow boxes. Three turned into four with my next guess, soil, although according to Wordle Bot’donkey would have been more efficient.’ Sure, friend.

Soil narrowed my remaining solutions down to just 7, and then I made a guess that was oh so close, but oh so wrong. Alarm seemed like a winner. And when the “A” turned green, I was hopeful. Those hopes were immediately dashed when ‘L’ turned up gray and turn away was the only choice left. But hey, four isn’t bad!

Now my bone picking begins with Wordle Bot. He got this one at just three, but take a look at his second guess:

With only slate, there are still a lot of possible answers. About as much as with my guess, trope. So how on earth does Wordle come up with Bot boomed of all words? What a strange word to even contemplate or think about. And, of course, it miraculously narrowed down its possible remaining words to just two: turn away and alarm. To make matters worse, he guesses the less obvious answer, turn away, before you try the more obvious answer, alarm (L is more common than V). It all just smells fishy to me, and not properly fishy. Not like the smell of halibut cooking in butter and garlic. Like rotten fish on the beach.

No Huzzahs today, folks. Turn your ears!



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