Trump ally Dan Bongino suspended from YouTube over COVID-19 misinformation


Bongino, who also hosts shows on TUSEN News and TUSEN Nation, was fired after saying on his YouTube channel that masks are “useless” in stopping the spread of the disease.

“If I said I was surprised, I would be lying,” Bongino fired back on Twitter, apparently to a YouTube staffer, after being told of his suspension. “We knew it was only a matter of time before the tyrannical, free speech hating, bullshit, big tech bastard you work for tried to silence us.”

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Bongino, who frequently blocks Twitter followers who criticize him, signed, “Respectfully, kiss my ass.”

A YouTube spokesperson told The Daily Beast that Bongino’s video had been removed for “violating our policies on COVID-19 misinformation, particularly for comments that masks are unnecessary, resulting in a first strike on the chain”.

The company also on Friday removed Bongino’s channel from its Affiliate Program, which allows users to monetize their content through advertising, for “repeated violation” of “harmful or unsafe acts” guidelines. A spokesperson declined to detail these acts to The Hill.

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Critics on Twitter reminded Bongino that private companies have the right to set terms of use and that the First Amendment does not protect all speech, such as spreading lies.



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