Two Colorado sheriff’s deputies have been charged over the roadside death of Christian Glass


A grand jury has indicted two Colorado sheriff’s deputies in the death of a 22-year-old man who was shot after calling 911 for roadside assistance while going through what his mother described as a mental health crisis, according to online court records.

Charges against former Clear Creek sheriff’s deputies Andrew Buen and Kyle Gould returned Wednesday, five months after police killed Christian Glass. The case has become a focal point amid a national call for police reforms aimed at crisis intervention and de-escalation.

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Charges against the two deputies include first-degree murder, official misconduct and negligent homicide, according to court records, which gave no further details.

The records did not list a lawyer for either deputy. A telephone message left at a number believed to belong to Buen was not immediately returned. No phone book was found for Gould.

A federal judge issued arrest warrants for Buen and Gould, who are facing $50,000 and $2,500 bonds, respectively, according to a press release from fifth-income prosecutor Heidi McCollum, who led the grand jury.

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Christian Glass, right, sitting with his father, Simon Glass, in Colorado in March 2021. Photo: Sally Glass/TUSEN

Nichole Lentz, a spokesman for the Clear Creek County sheriff’s department, said in a statement that both officers were fired following the charges.

The sheriff’s office’s ongoing internal investigation has found “policy and procedural errors,” Lentz said, adding that the office’s initial post-shooting press release “does not reflect the whole of what happened on that horrible night.”

Late on June 10, Glass called the police because his car got stuck on an embankment. Body camera videos show Glass refusing to get out of his car as he tells police he is “terrified” and makes heart shapes with his hands in front of officers.

Officers approached him to persuade him to leave the car. After more than an hour of negotiations, police said Glass was uncooperative and they broke the passenger window and retrieved a knife from the vehicle.

Glass offered to throw two knives out the window, but the video shows officers telling him not to.

Once the window was shattered, Glass seemed to panic and grabbed a second knife. Police then shot Glass with bullets from a beanbag chair and shocked him with a stun gun. The footage shows Glass twisting in his seat and thrusting a knife at an officer approaching the driver’s back window. Then another officer fired his gun and hit Glass six times, according to the autopsy report.

At a press conference in September, Glass’s mother, Sally Glass, said her son suffered from depression, had recently been diagnosed with ADHD and “had a mental illness” and was “petrified” the night he was killed.


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