UK’s biggest footed dude is constantly harassed by frisky foot fetishists


The man with the biggest feet in Britain says he is constantly contacted by perverted foot fetishists.

Carl Griffiths’ feet grew so fast that at the age of ten he was already wearing his father’s size 13 sneakers.

The 29-year-old’s full-time job may be store manager for Domino’s, but he’s pocketed the cash thanks to his mighty trotters.

Carl from Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire, told Wales Online he has become an unlikely sex symbol online with people asking for ‘stinky sweaty old socks’.

He said: “It’s one of those things for me, I keep going – it’s just feet for me!

Carl shelled out thousands to buy and customize shoes to fit

“It’s a bit more popular than I expected, especially with gay men. I think that’s 90% of the messages I get.

“I also tend to get weird messages online. Foot fetish websites have contacted me asking me to send pictures of my feet. It’s crazy some of the messages I’ve received.

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“Absolutely crazy – people ask me to send in my old socks, the wording tends to be ‘smelly socks, sweaty socks’.

“If ever I become unemployed, at least I know it!”

Carl Griffiths
Carl at least got some money back on his expensive feet

He admitted to taking the opportunity when times were tough at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the first lockdown I was on leave, so I sent a video of my feet,” he said.

“It was one of those websites called something like ‘big feet for sale’ that I got in touch with. I thought, give it a try, why not? It didn’t cost me anything and I didn’t go there. not thought. But after a few days they came back and said here’s £300.”

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Carl Griffiths
Carl Griffiths plants his foot next to a standard UK size 9

Growing up with very large feet meant two main things for Carl: broken toes and the inability to find shoes that fit.

“There were a lot of broken toes, that was one of my specialties – I broke my toes more times than anything,” Carl said. “You know when you accidentally kick a sofa? I do that like ten times a day. My little toes are bent all over the place!”

As his feet continued to grow and he found it increasingly difficult and expensive to find shoes that fit his feet, he missed a lot in his personal life.

Carl Griffiths
Carl Griffiths with his size 21 compared to a standard UK size 9

Carl continued: “It was a lot harder back then to get shoes in my size because the emails and stuff weren’t what they are now.

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“At one point in high school I couldn’t go to school – one or two of the teachers were funny because I didn’t have school shoes.

“There were a few good months when I was about 13/14 in ninth grade where I just didn’t have shoes that fit me to leave the house other than a pair with all the holes in it, so I don’t I just couldn’t go to school and I was being sent home for work.

Carl Griffiths
Carl admitted he was hungover when Sam Warburton gave him a pair of Adidas rugby boots in 2015

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“I was pretty much housebound too because I had nothing to put on my feet. The cost of specially made trainers is quite expensive. At the time they were over £1,000, but it got to a point where I had no other option.”

In 2015, former Wales rugby international Sam Warburton surprised Carl with boots big enough for him to wear at the time.

Now he relies on an American specialist for size 21 shoes.



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