UPDATE: 2nd arrest made after Amarillo police find a minor dead in the S Jefferson residence


5:50 p.m. update: The Amarillo Police Department announced Thursday afternoon that a second arrest had been made in connection with a fatal shooting on Wednesday. On Thursday, Amarillo officers arrested another 16-year-old male suspect, charged with tampering with evidence. It has also been reserved for the Hautes Plaines Youth Center.

The age of the male victim in this death investigation is 13, the APD said.

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Updated story: The Amarillo Police Department made an arrest in connection with the body officers found at a residence in the 700 block of S Jefferson at approximately 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. After several witnesses were interviewed and following the investigation, a 16-year-old male minor was arrested.

The juvenile suspect was charged with manslaughter and was incarcerated at the Hautes Plaines Youth Center. The Amarillo Police Homicide Unit is investigating this incident.

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Original story: The Amarillo Police Department (APD) is investigating after a minor was found dead at a residence.

According to the APD, at around 1:32 p.m. Wednesday, officers from Amarillo were called to a house in the 700 block of South Jefferson.

Amarillo Police Department

When officers arrived, they found a young man dead from a gunshot wound.

The death is still under investigation, and several witnesses were being questioned by detectives, according to the police.

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The investigation is still ongoing and the Homicide Unit and Amarillo police officers were still at the scene Wednesday afternoon.

This article originally appeared on Amarillo Globe-News: A dead man at home in the 700 block of South Jefferson in Amarillo


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