USDC – Now available from OVEX


You can now purchase USD Coins (USDC) using the Request For Quote (RfQ) service of the leading cryptocurrency platform OVEX.

OVEX customers can now buy and sell stablecoin as they please.

As the local cryptocurrency platform with the most liquidity, OVEX is now the best place to trade USD coins.

What is a USD coin?

USD Coin is a cryptocurrency directly tied to the price of the US dollar, which is referred to in the industry as a stablecoin.

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The advantage of USD Coin being a stable coin is that it is much less prone to large price fluctuations, and this is why many prefer stablecoins as a transactional cryptocurrency.

USD Coin offers the same value as a US fiat dollar and is powered by Ethereum, so it is easy to buy and sell this cryptocurrency around the world.

Its stable value also makes it easy to use for cryptocurrency arbitrage, as well as for interest accounts.

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Massive interest rates

The case for buying USD coins is further strengthened when you consider the favorable interest rates offered by OVEX interest accounts.

These accounts are incredibly popular thanks to their high interest rates, and USD Coin is one of the most popular types of accounts.

USD interest accounts on OVEX offer a 9% annualized interest rate and only require a minimum account balance of 100 USDC.

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The withdrawal notice period is also just 30 days, which means you don’t have to lock in your money for centuries to get that awesome interest rate.

Since you can now buy USD coins through OVEX’s RfQ service, it’s even easier to top up your account and earn more interest than ever before.

Click here to buy and sell USD coins on OVEX.



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