Well-being and mindfulness through destinations and products


Continued interest in travel as a way to bounce back from nearly two years of illness and isolation has led travelers to destinations and practices focused on wellness and mindfulness. The summer months have seen an increase in adventure travel, including high-energy bookings with tour operators. Road trips within the family bubble have also loaded the highways with the pleasure of pumping gasoline – good for the soul but not necessarily for the environment.

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According to Time.com, “The United States is currently experiencing a fourth wave of Covid-19, with infections rising very rapidly. As the fall season approaches, and with it the possibility of an increase in Covid-19 infections, travelers, unwilling to retreat into their lives besieged by the pandemic, may find a happy medium in the portfolio of wellness centers, hotels, apps and health supplements.

One bug on the traveler’s roadmap has to be the Marram, Montauk, Long Island’s newest resort, which recently announced the opening of its fall wellness-focused lineup. Now, over the Thanksgiving holiday, guests can enjoy the perfect fall escape at the resort with a new menu of wellness workshops like Tarot Tauk, fireside chats, and stargazing, plus programming already in place such as yoga by the sea, morning meditation, guided nature walks, and private beach fires.

The Marram fits perfectly into the style and atmosphere found throughout Montauk. The luxury is in the location. Just a five-minute walk from town, Marram brings an oceanfront surf cottage-inspired experience to the heart of Montauk. The complex was designed in collaboration by Bridgeton Holdings [which has within its portfolio Walker Hotel Tribeca and Walker Hotel Greenwich Village] and Brooklyn-based Post Company, and has 96 rooms, an open communal lounge, and an on-site counter-service South American cafe, Mostrador Marram. The resort’s surf hut offers lessons with world-class surfers from Engstrom Surf, a family-friendly surf school.

When it comes to wellness experiences for travelers, as well as anyone looking to step back in time to 2019, Marram is a great place to start. New Marram programming encourages customers to slow down and embrace the simple pleasures in life.

“Fall is a wonderful time to explore Montauk,” said Teach Mayer, CEO of Marram. “Throughout the day and into the evening, Marram’s carefully curated activities and experiences invite guests to embrace the spirit of barefoot luxury – the opportunity to relax, disconnect and reconnect. . Experiences that we hope will resonate with them long after their stay with us.

Guests can expect fireside chats with experts in a variety of fields hosting town hall style chats in the resort lounge. Stargazing under the clarity and tranquility of the Montauk fall sky adds to the moments of mindfulness. S’mores and fireside socializing are great for tradition-hungry guests, and for those looking for something more intimate, private oceanfront beach fires can be booked for an additional fee. End it all with wellness workshops on the themes of nutrition, spirituality, and wellness, and guests can enjoy the journey inside and out.

Wearable Wellness is another tool for the health-conscious traveler who dislikes gummies. One company, Vegan Gummies, even makes taking vitamins much more nutritious and easier for travelers to carry. Co-founders Megan and Anthony combine healthy supplements with a vehicle to help other entrepreneurs succeed with an online business.

Another travel-ready product to enhance any wellness travel experience is Qi Coils, a non-contact, non-invasive device that is powered by a Qi Coil app with over 900 mind-stimulating frequencies. The device claims to help get rid of negative energy which can sabotage physical and mental health. David Wong, Founder of Qi Life says, “The past year has been incredibly difficult… our mission is to help you improve your mental health and well-being naturally using safe and effective frequency therapy technology.

Finally, just as some resorts offer all-inclusive vacation experiences, one company offers an all-inclusive health and wellness platform. Betterme.com works through an app (so no luggage is needed), creating a personalized health and wellness lifestyle system that goes beyond the standard “sweat the pounds” method. Founder and CEO, Victoria Repa believes that people can only be truly happy on the outside after achieving happiness on the inside. That’s why his product offers workouts for the body and meditations for the mind.

The wellness trip becomes more than a slogan. It is therapy, self-payment and even a panacea for the historic and tragic time that has touched everyone around the world. Marram is just one example of a property in an industry that will be there to provide comfort and luxury. Wellness products are also some of the many indulgences available to people at many different prices.



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