What to watch after Netflix’s ‘squid game’


Squid Game is currently taking over Netflix in a number of countries as the service’s number one. It’s a bizarre and compelling story about a group of desperate citizens who volunteer to play deadly children’s games for a huge cash prize, and the worst part of it all? It’s only nine episodes and so far only has one season. It’s over quickly!

But once you are done Squid Game, you might want to watch some similar shows or movies, both Korean and others. Here are my recommendations.

Alice in the land of borders – Easily the most similar show on the list here, and the one some people prefer to Squid Game, depending on their tastes. In Alice in Borderland, Japanese citizens play death-defying games in an empty Tokyo with a mysterious creator at the center.

Sweet home – I believe this was the most popular Korean Netflix series before Squid Game, and while we don’t play specific games here, it’s a heart-wrenching post-apocalyptic series absolutely worth watching. be watched, because a depressed man must rise to the occasion and protect his neighbors from monsters.

3% – We’re heading all the way to Brazil for this one, and 3% is a long-running series in which poor players compete to escape poverty and move abroad for a better life. Like Squid Game, it’s a metaphor for how the rich and powerful subjugate and control the poor.

Liar game – Another game-centric series, taken from an originally Japanese manga, adapted into a Korean drama about a psychological survival game where a character has the ability to tell if someone is lying to them, which gives them an advantage over the competition.

Royal battle – This is the original movie that spawned everything from The Hunger Games to Fortnite, a Japanese classic that forces school children to fight to the death on an island, lest an explosive necklace end their lives for them . A true classic, to watch if you want to understand the roots of this genre.

That’s probably more than enough to start with, as there are at least a few dozen hours of content to consume out there. Some of them might appeal to you more than Squid Game, others might not quite measure up. Let me know when you think once you get through them, because I’m curious about it.

As for Squid Game season 2? I think that’s almost a guarantee at this point, although I’m sure we’re at least a year away from seeing it hit Netflix.

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