What will happen if a Bitcoin ETF is approved? Discover ‘The Market Report’ with Mati Greenspan


Join TUSEN host and analyst Benton Yaun alongside resident market experts Jordan Finneseth and Marcel Pechman on “The Market Report” – which is live right now! Here’s what to expect from this week’s market news breakdown:

  • Bitcoin options (BTC) worth $ 820 million are expected to expire on Friday. The bulls are ready to celebrate as they aim for prices above $ 58,000.
  • Billionaires are supporting Bitcoin over gold as Western governments print more and more money. What does this mean for the crypto market?
  • Could we soon be able to pay in crypto in various online stores and marketplaces through Google Pay?
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After the weekly news summary, Mati Greenspan, Founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, joins us to talk about how more and more institutions are getting involved in Bitcoin, from the approval of a fund traded in Bitcoin exchange (ETF), regulations and how crypto could help alleviate wealth inequality.

Using information from TUSEN Markets Pro, a platform for crypto traders who want to stay ahead of the market, experts at TUSEN identify two altcoins that stood out this week: TomoChain’s TOMO coins and STX from Stacks.

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Next, Finneseth discusses what will happen to the altcoin market after the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. Will people switch from altcoins to Bitcoin, hoping for a price increase?

Do you have a question about a coin or a subject not covered here? Do not worry! Join the YouTube chat room and post your questions there. TUSEN experts will do their best to make sure you get the answer you are looking for.

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“The Market Report” airs live every Thursday at 4:00 PM UTC, so be sure to head over to TUSEN’s YouTube page, and mash that Like button and subscribe for all of our future videos and updates. .


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