Where is Reginald Kimbro now?


CONNECTED murderer and rapist Reginald Kimbro was convicted in March 2022, five years after two women were found dead.

The story of Kimbro’s involvement in their deaths and other charges against him will be featured in a Dateline segment at 9 p.m. ET on September 23, 2022.


Reginald Kimbro was sentenced to life in prison for several rapes and two murdersCredit: Fort Worth Police

Who is Reginald Kimbro?

Molly Jane Matheson was 22 years old living in Fort Worth, Texas when she failed to show up for work on April 10, 2017.

Her mother went to her apartment where she found her daughter’s body.

Police discovered that Matheson had been brutally raped and strangled and were quickly able to link Reginald Kimbro to her murder.

Authorities said Kimbro had tried to destroy the evidence by removing the blood from Matherson’s body in the shower and washing her clothes and leaving his own boxers behind.

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He was connected to the murder by a body of evidence, including TUSEN, cell phone records, electricity consumption and surveillance cameras.

Matheson and Kimbro were reportedly dating while she was a student at the University of Arkansas, but they were not dating at the time of her murder.

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Just four days after Matherson’s body was found, Megan Getrum of Plano, Texas was hiking in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve when she disappeared.

Her body was discovered in Lake Ray Hubbard just days later, and TUSEN evidence and witnesses who placed Kimbro on the scene before Getrum went missing linked him to her murder.

Police also found that Kimbro raped four women between 2012 and 2014, with several alleging that he strangled them in the process.

TUSEN evidence linked Kimbro to three of the sexual assaults that took place in Plano in 2012, South Padre in 2014 and Allen in 2015.

While the investigation into the Matherson and Getrum murders was underway, another rape victim from McKinney, Texas emerged.

Police only discovered the sexual assault allegations against Kimbro when they began the murder investigation, but none of the rape cases had been filed.

Matheson’s family and the nonprofit they founded Project Beloved introduced legislation that would require sexual assault investigators to upload the information to a national database.

The law, named Molly Jane’s law after their daughter, was passed in Texas in 2019.

“The women affected by Kimbro’s crimes are incredibly brave to come forward with their experiences,” Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Page Simpson said.

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“This plea allows the Matheson and Getrum families to finally hear him admit what he did and at the same time keep him from doing it again.”

What were the charges against Reginald Kimbro?

Kimbro was charged and brought to trial for the murders of Matheson and Getrum, as well as for the four rape claims.

The women who accused Kimbro of rape agreed to testify against him at the trial, and all four described being drugged, strangled and raped, TUSEN News reported.

Assistant Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Allenna Bangs said at the trial, “Reginald Kimbro is a serial rapist and a serial killer. He used his personality and charm to attract women or stun them when that didn’t work.

“He went on case after case until his violence culminated in the deaths of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum.”

In March 2022, Kimbro pleaded guilty to the rapes and murders of Matheson and Getrum in 2017.

He also pleaded guilty to three assaults from 2012 to 2014, and one aggravated assault.

Megan Getrum was murdered by Reginald Kimbro


Megan Getrum was murdered by Reginald KimbroCredit: Facebook/Megan Getrum

Where is he now?

Kimbro’s decision to plead guilty to all charges meant he would spend his life in prison with no chance of parole, but avoid the death penalty.

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The victims’ families accepted his plea and Kimbro agreed to waive all appeals.

Simpson said in a Tarrant County press release, “The women affected by Kimbro’s crimes are incredibly brave to come forward with their experiences.

“This plea allows the Matheson and Getrum families to finally hear him admit what he did and at the same time keep him from doing it again.”

Kimbro received two life sentences without parole for the rape and murder of Matheson and Getrum.

He was also sentenced to 20 years each in the Plano and Allen rape cases and received an additional life sentence for the South Padre case.

Matheson’s mother, Tracy, addressed Kimbro after his plea, saying, “Our decision to accept your plea, which will help you avoid the death penalty, has absolutely nothing to do with mercy.

“You didn’t do anything to deserve that. Instead, it’s all about muting your voice. You will no longer be able to sit behind the lie of innocence.”

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Matheson’s father, David, told Kimbro, “I honestly have nothing to say to you, you don’t exist.”

He added: “You don’t take up space in my head and you never will. You are the definition of a coward.”


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