Who supports whom in the conservative leadership race?


Why is he running?

The former chancellor is posing for the party and its members as the serious candidate for the economy, which can steer the country through a potential recession by resisting calls for tax cuts.

Key figures that publicly support Sunak:

Steve Barclay

The former No. 10 chief of staff became health minister after the cabinet uprising against Boris Johnson last month. The former Brexit secretary, a loyal supporter of Johnson, said Sunak has “all the right qualities to move our country forward” and said the former chancellor’s “key point” is “economic competence”.

George Eustice

The environment minister supports Mr Sunak and defended the former chancellor in April over allegations over his wife’s finances. Mr Eustice said Mr Sunak has “an intuitive awareness of political risk and can think several steps ahead”.

Michael Ellis

The Northampton North MP and the Cabinet Officer backed Mr Sunak ahead of the first round of voting among Tory MPs on July 13, saying: “I have loyally served three Conservative Prime Ministers over the past decade. I know what it takes to make a good PM. And I have no doubt that Rishi will be a great one.”

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Mark Spencer

The House of Commons leader defended the speed with which Mr Sunak produced his slick campaign video, publishing it just 48 hours after Mr Johnson stepped down. Mr Spencer said: “Rishi has been at the center of government for a long time; as chancellor of the treasury he would always promote himself and promote the conservative party and the conservative government. So he would have had access to a lot of those snippets of video, and you can put those things together pretty quickly.

Robert Buckland

The Welsh minister has been forceful in his defense of Mr Sunak, telling cabinet colleague Nadine Dorries to “twist her neck” after attacking the former chancellor’s expensive clothes.

Shailesh Vara

Mr Vara, who was appointed Secretary of Northern Ireland after Brandon Lewis resigned and is close to Mr Johnson, said: “I have known Rishi Sunak for many years and am confident he has the right to do the right thing in these difficult and challenging times. person would be to the UK as Prime Minister.”

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Lord Hague

Lord Hague, a former Tory leader, has begged Conservative Party members to support Sunak. Mr Hague represented the Richmond, Yorkshire constituency for Mr Sunak and said his replacement was “the most diligent and effective” he has ever seen.

Lord Lamont

The approval of Lord Lamont, Margaret Thatcher’s treasurer, was a huge blessing to Mr Sunak’s camp. As hopeful leaders vie to demonstrate their Thatcherite credentials, the intervention of the Tory grandee undoubtedly lent legitimacy to Mr Sunak’s plan to prioritize tackling inflation before cutting taxes.

Dominic Raab

The Deputy Prime Minister was quick to pledge his support for Mr Sunak and was rewarded by introducing him at the launch of his campaign. Gaining the support of the second-oldest cabinet minister gave an early boost to the campaign.

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Jeremy Hunt

After the former health minister crashed early in the leadership contest, he stood behind Mr Sunak, saying he has the “highest standards of integrity” of all candidates.

Grant Shapps

Another hopeful leadership at the start of the race, the Transport Minister lent his support to Mr Sunak, highlighting his early support for Brexit and his “seminal” pamphlet on free ports.

Rehman Chistia

After briefly fighting for the top job himself, the Gillingham and Rainham MP was quick to rally behind Mr Sunak, saying his “brilliant” experience as Chancellor will be “vital” in tackling the crisis in the cost of livelihood.

Oliver Dowden

The former conservative party chairman, who resigned last month after the double defeat in the election, was quick to lend his support to Sunak.

Odds: 7/1

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