Why Secret Service Texts Could Hold Key To Prosecuting Trump


Finding those Secret Service texts could actually be the difference between winning the presidency in 2024 or getting Trump convicted in 2024.

According to Hayes:

well there are even more missing texts.

The Washington Post now reports that text messages relating to Jan. 6 from Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, and acting Undersecretary, Ken Cuccinelli, have disappeared. That’s on top of all the Secret Service text messages related to the 6th that also disappeared. For an apparently apolitical organization like the Secret Service, this has become a huge scandal. And this is Trump’s latest attempt to overthrow the voters’ will and end American democracy.”

As with the military, whenever there is a major event affecting the Secret Service’s mission, there will be a post-action report that requires any existing evidence. Communication between agents is not a scintilla. It may well be the key. And why are they missing? It screams that the lyrics are evidence of a monstrous crime; so it is better to take the chance of a crime for the destruction of government records.

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“The Jan. 6 commission has provided quite a bit of evidence showing that Trump intended to use the Secret Service as a personal armed guard. That he wanted to personally lead the mob to the Capitol during the uprising, in order to… disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. And make that the last step and basically crown himself president again. And he wanted the Secret Service to help him. Now we know that Trump was aware that much of the crowd was armed. Trump apparently wanted the Secret Service to remove the metal detectors at the speech on the ellipse where he started the riot.”

Texts would be the last piece of evidence needed for Trump’s motivation, far stronger than eyewitness testimony. And then the ultimate point, the key to everything.

“All this, of course, says how important the Secret Service was to the full picture of Donald Trump’s coup attempt. We know they were deeply involved in tracking and planning both Trump and Pence during, before and after the uprising. Despite this, the January 6 committee seems to know surprisingly little about the secret service’s internal deliberations at the time. When the cops were doing and saying. For example, last month, Florida congressman Stephanie Murphy said thatTony Ornato is a key figure because he was both deputy chief of operations for the White House and chief of Trump’s Secret Service, and did not come to his testimony with the committee. Especially compared to Mark Meadow’s assistant, Cassidy Hutchinson.

And it all says why the Secret Service may have decided, “We should just swallow how awful it looks and remove this now.” Because if there’s a text saying Trump wants Pence out of the Capitol, then maybe dozens of people are now risking jail, including Trump.

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Yes, such a persecution would likely bring the country into violence. But not prosecuting Trump puts the country in a situation where one can literally kidnap the vice president (if the evidence proves it), and face no consequences. If one does not face those consequences, the country is no longer a democracy. Democracies don’t give people a free chance for a coup.


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