Woman reveals Hinge date demanded money for drinks after refusing to go home with him


A woman told about the ‘worst date’ [she’s] ever been up,” she said that her date ended with Venmo requesting him because she didn’t want to go home with him. Then he messaged her for weeks.

Peyton, who uses the username @peytonnriddle on TikTok, shared a video about the Hinge date this week, in which she began by noting that she wanted to tell “the whole world” about the terrible date, which happened to be her first date app. -date.

She says the date got off to a bad start because she arrived at the restaurant and realized they couldn’t accommodate the couple because her date didn’t make a reservation. Her date also ended up being 45 minutes late, after which he picked her up from the restaurant and took her to another location.

However, after parking, Peyton said her date was trying to show her something on his phone. “There’s porn on his phone,” she said in the video, adding that when she pointed it out, her date didn’t “respond.”

Peyton then revealed that her date, who she said is in medical school, shared an inappropriate story about his job in an effort to “make things less weird”.

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The date apparently got worse after the duo entered the restaurant. Peyton claimed the man ordered two martinis, which he drank in quick succession.

In the video, the TikToker revealed that the man also called her “poor” during the meeting and told her that her job was “stupid”.

“It was bad,” she continued, before admitting that the “bad judgment” was that she hadn’t decided to leave before the end of the date.

Things got worse at the end of the night, Peyton claimed, to which her Hinge match asked her to go home with him.

In response to her denial, Peyton said her date started to argue with her and became “aggressive,” with the TikToker revealing that she responded by telling the man she thought he was “snooty” and that the date was “really off-putting.” ” Has been. .

“And in the end he’s like, ‘I’m not going to be a beta male. You’re going home with me or you’re going to pay for your drinks I just bought you,'” Petyon recalled, adding that she’s Venmoed the man Had $40 on the spot to ‘never see [him] again”.

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Despite sending the man money for her drinks, Peyton said he continued to reach her by phone, eventually causing her to block him. She said he also charged another $20 for her drinks.

Hinge Date then switched to Instagram, where he continued to send her “unhinged” messages.

“Is that normal? Has this happened to anyone else,” Peyton concluded the video, before writing in the caption, “My worst date ever, how the story just keeps getting worse and worse.”

In a follow-up video, Peyton shared screenshots of the messages her Hinge date sent, apologizing for their first date and asking to see her again. After Peyton refused, the man sent her a photo of his dog, claiming she was the “snooty” for not asking about his pet.

In other posts, the man told Peyton that he was a “pretty good and unique guy”. In further messages sent via Instagram, the Hinge date continued to try to convince Peyton to go out with him again, but noted that he wouldn’t “press if [she] didn’t see what’s special about him.

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Despite not responding, the date continued to message Peyton with the screenshots urging her not to be a “drama queen.”

“Yes or no, don’t be a drama queen,” he wrote, before continuing with, “Okay, you suck” when Peyton didn’t answer.

The man then unfollowed her on Instagram.

“Worst first date RECEIPT like all I can say is huh,” she captioned the video.

On TikTok, where Peyton’s second video has been viewed more than 2.9 million times, viewers have expressed shock at the man’s brutality.

“I can’t believe there are people like that,” one person commented, while another said, “Girl name is falling off so no one else has to go through this.”

“After this video, I will never date a man again,” said another.

Others were especially concerned because the man in question is studying medicine, while someone else writes: “He’s studying medicine?! That’s the most worrying thing about it all.”

“Really concerned that this man is someone’s future doctor,” wrote another person.

TUSEN has contacted Peyton for comment.


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