WWE Files Counter Action in Network Technology Patent Infringement Claim


WWE received a patent infringement lawsuit in May.

The lawsuit was filed by SITO Mobile because they described 12 patents they own and alleged that WWE is infringing its streaming service, WWE Network. They asked the court to award damages determined by a jury trial. In the past, SITO Mobile had previously filed patent lawsuits against Hulu and Flo Sports.

WWE filed a 32-page response and counter-suit on October 5, which was obtained by Pwinsider.com. WWE denies all allegations made against them.

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WWE also denied that SITO was entitled to the costs of this action, including all disbursements and attorneys’ fees. WWE asked the court for a judgment stating that they had not directly “infringed, contributed to the infringement of any of the patents in question.”

The company claims it was damaged by SITO’s filing of the complaint and wants SITO to pay its legal fees.

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